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Legal representation in Argentina

The right team
 for your legal needs

Our team is prepared to provide the legal solutions you need in Argentina. From filing to litigation, we provide prompt advice and a reliable cost structure to fulfill your legal strategy

IP services provided by our legal practice

We attend all aspects of Intellectual Property and Industrial Property law from advicing and filing to mediation and litigation. Trademarks, patents, industrial models, technology transfer and any matters related to obtaining and maintaining such rights are our specialty and area of expertise.

Our team of specialists and offices strategically located in the vicinity of the official bodies responsible for intellectual property, allow us to act promptly in order to concretize their legal affairs effectively. Our legal practice has lead us to obtain relevant legal precedents regarding sensible IP matters.

Services rendered

  • Legal advice

    The first step to take legal action in Argentina should be a thorough analysis of the issues involved and the best course of action. With this in mind We offer convenient fees for extensive searches to our colleagues, even free in most cases.
  • Filing

    Once you have decided to start protecting your IP in Argentina, Potenza can provide you with fast and effective service. Our offices are strategically located within minutes of the IP organizations, which allows us to take almost immediate actions.
  • Maintaining

    Be it annuities, renewals or any other issue, we provide the services of our dependable team of professionals dedicated to preserve your IP rights and attend to all your client's legal necessities.
  • Mediation

    It is one of our strengths and undoubtedly one of the most important assets to guard the value of your IP rights, as well as to solve and avoid ineffective and costly conflicts.
  • Litigation

    We have the necessary experience to give response in complex litigious cases. Our legal team has obtained favorable judgements for our clients that now constitute important precedents for Argentina's legal profession.
  • Licensing

    One of the most valuable aspects of IP Rights is the ability to acquire and secure business. Potenza and associates can asses you with the best way of protect and obtain profit from your IP rights in the region.

IP basic information and F.A.Q.s

Some articles where we cover all of the basic aspects of IP rights legal standards and other basic information.

Registering a trademark in Argentina

Regulations for registering a trademark are very similar than most countries. Here you can find a brief description of the main steps in the process, from filing to the final certificate.


Requesting a patent in Argentina

The process begins with an extensive search where we can advance a report similar to actual one provided by PTO's authorities, thus preventing office actions and rejections.

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